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La Madre Polychrome Pictographs

The Polychrome Panel

Polychrome Pictographs

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Gold Butte Newspaper Rock

Gold Butte Newspaper Rock

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Falling Man

Falling Man

When I spent the weekend in Nevada before finishing my drive to Death Valley, I really thought that the Kohta Circus petroglyphs were going to be the highlight of my visit. I was wrong. Before leaving on Sunday, I stopped to find the Falling Man petroglyph. I had a lot of fun exploring this area. Not only were there petroglyphs to find everywhere I looked, but there was also colorful sandstone all over the place. It was like walking through a colorful maze searching for rock art around every corner! I spent more time in this area than I had anticipated and look forward to returning.

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Kohta Circus

Kohta Circus Panel

This amazing panel of petroglyphs has been on my radar for quite some time, but since I rarely make it down to Nevada they had to wait. That’s why I made it a point to find them last weekend as I drove through Nevada on my way to Death Valley. The side trip was well worth it.

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